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Kristiansund, Oslo, Haag




Lars Erik Flatøy

A global reference on aquaculture and seafood.

Founded in Kristiansund, Norway, in 1987, Kontali has served as the leading knowledge-based consultancy and data provider for the Norwegian fish farming industry, collecting production data, establishing the first production and market simulation models, and developing the salmon database.

Today, Kontali is widely regarded as a leading competence center on aquaculture and fisheries with a strong global presence systemizing the world of fisheries and aquaculture.

Kontali’s mission is to always have the deepest understanding of this realm and the species within it, the connections between them and to share the knowledge of seafood to create a more balanced world above and below the surface.

Alytic's impact

Kontali already had an unprecedented knowledge base and standing within the aquaculture and seafood business. To take Kontali to the next level, Alytic has changed the competency mix by adding technologists, product management, data scientists, a commercial team and a strong management group. The new larger organisation will together accelerate product development and aim to please customers with modern delivery of aquaculture insight world-wide. We can't wait to see the next generation of products come alive!

Kontali is growing

We are constantly looking for new candidates to grow our business with new knowledge and insight. Human resources are key to interpret and add value to the sea of data. If you are a industry senior, graduate or student with a passion for data analysis or the seafood sector, don't hesitate to contact us and explore your options.

We have a popular summer intern program for students with an industry passion. Positions are normally announced in January, but you are welcome to show interest for the coming summer at any time.

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