Alytic looking to hire top executives

Alytic is looking to hire two top executives: Chief Data Officer and Technology Investment Director.



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“We are recruiting key personnel to fulfil the purpose of Alytic, which is to acquire and transform a wide range of data-driven companies that offer key decision support to their respective industries,” says Espen Zachariassen, CEO of Alytic.

Capitalizing on the experience from transforming similar businesses, Alytic will serve as a new growth arena for its owner Arendals Fossekompani.

“Alytic is looking to invest in data-driven businesses in need of transformation and scale. Alytic has already identified a number of companies with products relevant to global markets in targeted segments and industries,” says Zachariassen.

The Chief Data Officer will be responsible for building data scientist environments in the portfolio companies of Alytic. This entails close collaboration with management in portfolio companies to ideate and help them make existing products data-driven, automatise work processes and develop new products and service lines.

The Technology Investment Director will collaborate with management in portfolio companies to develop and implement an IT strategy that supports the strategic goals of the portfolio company and Alytic’s ownership ambitions.