Alytic appoints new VP

Haakon Michael Austad is the new Vice President Business Development, Analytics at Alytic.



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Prior to joining Alytic, Haakon served 10 years in various roles within data, analytics and technology at Kongsberg Defense and Aerospace, If Insurance and Fremtind Insurance.

“Haakon has contributed, both as a developer and a leader, in developing successful products that apply data, analytics and machine learning. He also brings extensive experience from building and leading data-driven teams and organizations,” says Espen Zachariassen, CEO of Alytic.

Austad has already started in his new position. He has also joined the Board of Directors of Alytic portfolio company Utel Systems.

“I want to be a part of the transformation. I strongly believe we are well into a new age, in which data and technology provide new ways to innovate, create value and do business. This change will only accelerate. I believe there is great untapped potential in many areas and businesses and find a lot of motivation in working to unleash it. I therefore find Alytic’s mission compelling and strongly want to contribute to it,” says Austad.

He is keen on participating in a cross-functional team.

“The Alytic team covers what I believe to be the key competency areas for growing a successful business in the 21st century; Business & Strategy, People & Culture, Technology and Data. I find it inspiring to be part of such a skilled team that covers this so well. It challenges my way of thinking and pushes me to broaden my own horizons,” says Austad.

He holds a PhD in Mathematics and a Master of Science in Applied Mathematics from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Through his education and work experience he has built an experience base that covers a typical T-shape; Covering a broad range of topics related to mathematics, modelling, software development and leadership combined with a deep knowledge of statistics, machine learning and data science”.

“I have worked with many real-life applications that utilize data, analytics and machine learning, in several types of roles and seen how they can succeed or fail in creating value for a company and its customers. This is an experience that I bring to the table and will use both on a technical and a strategic level,” says Austad.