Alytic is looking for companies with unique domain knowledge and expertise, and a clear potential for growth. Some markets are considered more interesting than others.

Investment strategy

The world is full of data. However, to be of value, data must be freshly harvested, instantly aggregated and processed. To support decision-making, data must be analyzed and visualized in a relevant context. Finally, data must be transformed into products and commercialized.

Alytic is continuously identifying companies with products and services relevant to global markets in targeted segments and industries. Alytic look to invest in companies with strong domain knowledge and expertise in different industries. What the companies must have in common is a clear potential for growth. Alytic will be an active owner with resources, competence and a roadmap for digital transformation, scale and recurring revenues. Alytic will only investment in companies to which we can contribute with substantial value and work closely with a dedicated management team. 

Harnessing the energy that lies in domain expertise and access to unique market data, Alytic powers the digital transformation required to scale product offerings, reach new markets, and ensure recurring revenues from a profitable customer base. Examples of products offering include consultants and analysts with unique domain insight, market data for commodities, news portals, market trading portals, market analysis, predictive analysis and more.

Alytic is an active owner with substantial financial capacity and a proven track-record. 

Investment criteria

  • Investment ticket in the MNOK 10-150 range
  • Preferably majority stake and management/employees as minority owners
  • B2B revenue model
  • Deep domain expertise 
  • Proven market potential and business set-up
  • Clear pathway for scalability

Investment focus

Several markets are of interest to Alytic, including (and not excluding others):

  • Aquaculture and fisheries
  • Big data analytics 
  • ESG and renewables
  • Agriculture
  • Weather forecasting
  • Advanced materials